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E-commerce solutions can be expensive. Complex booking systems with both "Pay Online" and "Pay your driver on the day" options even more so.

Our websites allow your customers to book their taxi through a simple process and then pay the costs online. Our system is fully automated and they will receive a confirmation email right away which gives them piece of mind. At the same time they will receive a receipt for the payment from our payment service provider (PayPal). In the mean time you (the operator) will also receive email notification that the booking has been placed with all the relavent information included.

Our websites include:

  • An "A to B" booking system where the customer can enter two addresses and get a quote instantly. The operator can enter their own three tier pricing scale i.e £2.30 for the first 20 miles then £1.90 for the next 15 miles and £1.20 for the remaining miles. The operator can also restrict the pricing scale to specific postcodes.
  • An airport booking system where airport terminals will automatically be added to the booking when the user selects a specific airport. i.e If Gatwick is selected this will give the options of either North or South terminals. A Meet and Greet option can be offered but only on pick ups from the airport, not on take ups. A flight number will be sent to the operator whenever a booking includes a pick up from the airport.
  • A promotions booking system where the operator can offer set price journeys i. e A local Train station from £15.00

Our charges which consist of a booking fee and merchant transaction fees are added before the end of the booking process.

Other than outstanding rental and phone bills, payments are made by BAC's into your bank account within 5 working days of transaction completion.

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