Ground transportation for UK Companies

At UK Taxi Co we pride ourselves on the services we offer to UK Businesses.

With over 20 years experience in ground transportation we understand what our customers expect from us and how to deliver a reliable and cost effective service to them 24/7.

The landscape has altered a tremendous amount in recent years for our sector with the advent of taxi booking apps, but these companies core business is and always will be in the capital and the other big cities. Let us show you our business model.

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The M25 Corridor

As UKT is based in Kent, the M25 has become a familiar route to both circum navigate London and access four major airports.

With an ever expanding fleet of cars and experienced drivers working this route we are able to cover any problems you the customer may encounter.


The Airport Run

We understand after more than 20 years of airport runs that customers want to feel confident that their driver will get them too the airport in plenty of time and be there waiting to take them home on the homeward leg of their trip.

With these concepts in mind and the knowledge that comes from thousands of successfully completed jobs we can confidently offer a great airport service.


UKT online booking
UKT online booking system

Future Proofing

To provide a high quality service it has been necessary to commit to investment in technology. With an unknown economic future in front of the country in the short term at least, many UK companies will be tightening their spending budgets. But we feel that we need to keep investing in technology to safe guard our future and keep improving our service.

Cloud based systems have changed how online platforms serve us. Because they are scalable they are cost effective. Aligned with well built software they are faster loading and reactive.

To transportation businesses of all sorts, these innovations have been a blessing and at UKT we have taken full advantage of them.