Ground transportation for UK Companies

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Our Business Model

There are no aspects of the Taxi business that we collectively (UK Taxi Co) have not gained knowledge from. We also have experience of corporate work. The very same work we now offer to our clients.

Ground transportation for corporate clients is our core business.

To really understand our business mindset you have to have been a client, a driver and managed an office supplying drivers and cars to clients. We have done all of these roles and learned all the lessons that mould you into a company capable of providing the highest quality ground transportation service.

A business is only as good as the opportunities it takes and utilises to the full. At UKT we give 100 percent effort and focus to every clients journey because we know that anything less leads to a less than stellar experience.


Technology has changed transportation as much as it has changed any other business sector. With network speed and availability improving across the UK companies can stay in contact with drivers and clients while monitoring their fleet in real time through GPS.

Taxi dispatch systems such as iCabbi have made the taxi office managers work so much easier. These systems automate so many tasks that even 6-7 years ago were still being done by pen and paper and the good old telephone. Having digested all this technology UKT has been able to concentrate on what it does best, supplying its corporate clients with a smooth, reliable and friendly ground transportation solution.