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The M25 Corridor

Love it or hate it, the M25 or London Orbital Motorway as it is also called has become the UK's most used motorway. We all have opinions on what improvements need to be made but probably little knowledge of the costs or logistics involved.

If you live or work in the UK and need to get to London or Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted or Luton airports by road then the M25 is a must use route. Even though according to Wikipedia, 196,000 vehicles were recorded in a single day near Heathrow airport it can still be a quick way of accessing the afore mentioned destinations plus many, many more.

M25 Motorway

The term "M25 Corridor" is open to interpretation. As we are based South of the M25 (Kings Hill) we see Kent, Essex and Sussex as one corridor and Surrey and Hampshire as another. But of course Avon, Devon and Cornwall could be considered another.

The M25 corridors are significtant routes for our service. We hope that if your company or staff are based in these areas we get the opportunity to show you our service.